Spiritual Education About The Power of Sexual Energy For Couples & Singles Who Seek Lasting Love
Discover what it takes to create a lasting, passionate committed relationship - in a completely different way that you have been taught. Unravel the neuroscience of desire. Learn how to channel your sexual energy and how to make love in a way that fosters bonding, connection and revives relationships. Rise to your highest potential in love; tap into the healing fountain of erotic spirituality and love mysticism.
The Neuroscience of Connection
     the best kept secret for maintaining desire
     the ancient secret of channeling sexual energy
     the surest way to avoid divorce, drama and break-up
     simple science of bio-hacking your brain performance
     the neuroscience of connection, bonding and intimacy
     an intimate method to revive your love life
     a gentle way of healing from abuse and trauma
     an inner discipline that helps to overcome any addiction
     a forgotten path of spiritual enlightenment
What is Karezza?
Today, when we witness our relationships and families falling apart, and our children effected by our emotional life going out of balance, it is time to reconsider everything we have been taught about sex, pleasure and desire - by religion at one extreme, and by media and porn industry at the other extreme. It is time to reclaim a balanced path of Golden Rule where desire, passion and pleasure are channeled in a Sacred Union and marked by peak Brain Performance.

We are proud our teachings are ancient and universally present in all cultures across the globe. They have been practiced by Yogis of India, as well Slavic and Celtic Warriors, and thought in Shaolin. Many of the world class leaders knew the importance of purposefully directing their sexual energy like the legendary inventor Steve Jobs and genius Nicola Tesla; artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Miles Davis; writers like Tolstoy, Mark Twain, and philosophers like Socrates and Seneca. They are the best kept secret of world famous athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Ip man, and many MMA Fighters. We are thrilled this ancient discipline was the foundation of all spiritual cultures and civilizations, and the inspiration behind the most exquisite works of art, music and architecture. 

As your bodies unite in a caring and delightful way, your souls intertwine, and your energies rise to awaken your spiritual connection. Karezza fosters a lasting bond between you and your beloved, cultivates respect, and admiration. If you dream to create a Sacred Union, where you and your partner unite into a 'Power Couple' with a romantic magnetism the like of Romeo and Juliette, Tristan and Isolde, Dante and Beatrice; if you wonder how to channel your energy into business, if you seek to renew your vows, fortify your connection, experience constant positive energy, abundance and spiritual growth, we whole-heartedly invite you to discover Karezza. 

What else is possible?
If you seek to partake of a delightful, yummy, passionate feast in union with your Beloved, welcome to the table the Divine has set for you. Explore the possibility of gentle, affectionate love making without orgasm in either partner.
The word “Karezza” (pronounced ka-RET-za)comes from the Italian word “carezza,” meaning “caress.” The goal of Karezza, unlike most kinds of sexual intercourse, is not orgasm but reaching a relaxed state of union with your sexual partner. - HealthLine.com
For Women Seeking Lasting Love & Passion In A Sacred Union 
Karezza Community Shares Secrets of Sexual Energy & Infinite Love Making
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What Women Say About Karezza...
    Finally, intimacy we truly enjoy, can't get enough of and no need to fake
    True female empowerment, divine feminine energy and leadership
    Emotional balance, always positive mood, and creative purpose
    Ongoing, mutual desire for love-making, touch, caress and intercourse
    Natural path to oxytocin and lowered stress hormones; inner healing
    Strong bond and connection with your partner; zero fear of cheating
    Peace of mind, intuition, creativity and a lot more confidence 
    Hormonal rejuvenation, strong immune system, health and wellness
    Divine Guidance and effortless manifestation of miracles 
About This Program
Have you noticed how many people are single, divorced and raising children alone? Many relationships are falling apart, and online dating doesn't work for most of us. Whether you are tired of dating drama or struggle to keep your marriage together, modern day intimate relationships present many challenges that didn’t exist a few decades ago: ghosting, courting nearly extinct, phobia of commitment, plague of divorce and single parenting, porn addiction and infidelity. And while many women still dream of being swept off their feet by Prince Charming who’s got a castle waiting for them, the modern dating prospects don’t even want to pay for a dinner. Is lasting romantic union “mission impossible?”

Here is a shocking secret… 
What if the problem rests in the lies we have been told about sexual energy? On one hand, it has been repressed by religion... On the other hand, mainstream media teaches us to be reckless with it... Is there a middle way, a more balanced path of a 'golden mean'? 
Did you know that the word 'sex' comes from a Latin word which means 'to separate, to cut off, to section? Have you noticed how orgasm makes you emotional, insecure, unstable, unbalanced and borderline psychotic. Isn't it what men experience as 'drama queen'?
We would like to invite you to consider a different way of making love - one that women enjoy and men can't get enough of, a gentle way that goes beyond the dopamine high and low, and stimulates oxytocin, the hormone of bonding and connection.
Claim Your Birthright
Femininity Coaching for Women
Learn about the nature of masculine Yang & feminine Yin energies
 Empower yourself with the knowledge of ancient erotic secrets
 Overcome addictions to Food, Shopping, Online Dating or Porn
 Distinguish Red Tantra, Black Tantra, Pink Tantra & White Tantra
 Get healthy, rejuvenate, get fit and become more feminine
 Learn how to love a man and how he should treat you
 Learn truth about Taoist Secrets, Quodoushka, Cuddling
 Discover the natural laws of energy exchange between lovers
 Become magnetically attractive and learn how to choose a man
 Set your goals, map the way to achieve them; be accountable
 Learn how to channel your sexual energy into your business
What Women Say About Karezza..
Meg Robbins
Speaker, Toronto, Canada
"I am so grateful. I feel both feminine and powerful. It brings me peace of mind, confidence, impacts everything I do and I can feel tingling in every cell in my body."
Kathy Barrows
MLM Director, Port Orchard, WA
"I have lost 53 lbs following this coaching program, and today my 'Venus Power' is leading the way in all areas... I rock it in business!! And, when it comes to love and sex - it's all on my terms...."
Victoria Purdy
Coach, Dublin, Ireland
"There is a lot of confusion and disinformation today... This is truth. This works. I never felt so energized, confident and rejuvenated! Do it, Girls!!!!"
Moriah Diamond
Photographer, Maui, HI
"Wow! I feel sexy!! I lost 7lbs in seven days, and everybody is telling me I am glowing! ... I have energy like never had and I have overcome my addiction to junk food. Also, my skin is clear. What else is possible?"
Victoria Lesiovski
Investor Relations, Canada
"Wow! You taught me what intimacy in a relationship truly means, you totally blew my lids off and raised my standards!! I know how to recognize a real man now, and I find myself more peaceful and confident in attracting the right partner for me."
Karen Johansson
Stockholm, Sweden
"I love making love this way... It's sensual, delightful and... my partner cannot stop loving it! How come I am learning it only now?!"
Master The Energy of Sexual Desire & Find Emotional Balance
For Men Seeking High Performance In All Areas of Life
Karezza Community Shares Secrets of Sexual Energy & Infinite Love Making
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Claim Your Birthright
Masculinity Coaching for Men
 Free yourself from addiction to Porn or Online Dating
 Distinguish Red Tantra, Black Tantra, Pink Tantra & White Tantra
Learn about the nature of masculine & feminine energies
 Empower yourself with the knowledge of ancient erotic secrets
 Get healthy, rejuvenate, get fit and become more masculine
 Learn how to love a woman and how she should treat you
 Learn truth about Taoist Secrets, Quadushka, Cuddling
 Discover the natural laws of energy exchange between lovers
 Become irresistible to women and learn how to choose the gold
 Set your goals, map the way to achieve them; be accountable
 Learn how to channel your sexual energy into your business
About This Program
Ever wondered what is your sexual potential? What is the essence of masculine energy? And - how to harness this energy, tame it and channel it into anything you desire? A passionate, sexy, lasting, committed relationship with a woman you love? An audience you seek to ignite and inspire? A business that can expand into an empire? An art, an invention, a fitness goal? Anything you wish to champion? 

Learn how you are wired, and claim your birthright.
If you are a man, you will learn to understand what being the best lover ever means to your partner. You will learn how women are wired and how to recognize and connect with a real woman in every sense and dimension by demonstrating a mastery of the Art of Infinite Love-Making through the restoration of poetry to the act that she desperately longs for. You will learn to master your sexual energy, control it and channel it into anything you wish to invent, create and expand in the world. You will awaken with high energy, mental clarity, awareness and vitality; with the power of intention. I will help you to break the chains of addiction - whether it's porn, junk food, or substance - overcome fear and get 'off the leash'. You will be guided into authentic health and fitness. You will get your body back, boost your testosterone without taking supplements, become even more masculine, wild and undomesticated. You will bend reality to your will. You will be dangerously effective. You will inspire your people and ignite them!! 

You will be on your game!
Step Into Leadership
The Way You Are In Bed, Is The Way You Are In Everything Else!!
Quit living as if the purpose of life was to arrive safely at death!!
Global Icons Mastered Their Chi
unlock your own genius
What Men Say About Karezza...
     A lot of intimacy and the best everrrr...
     Fosters spiritual love for your partner 
     Peak brain performance, energy and focus
     Improved intimacy, closeness and communication
     Unquestioned trust between you and your partner
    Increased testosterone, stamina, fitness and courage
    Never diminishing sexual desires: she is always interested...
    Authentic erotic connection; no pressure to perform or make her cum
    Emotional intimacy that far outweighs the brief thrill of the mating hunt
    Ease with overcoming addictions to food, drugs, alcohol or other habits
    Be with your partner all the time and never feel like you “need space”
Men Speak About Karezza
Steve Davis
Attorney, San Diego, CA
"I am a lawyer, and I kept losing case after case. Meeting you has been a game-changer. Now, I win every time I go into the courtroom. You are selling Power." 
Jim Roth
Creative Director, NYC
"The innovation and creativity I experience now is phenomenal. My brain is at peak performance and I am not taking any supplements. Feeling like a genius!! 
Rich Gribbin
Corporate Executive, Honolulu
"This program is amazing!! My virility is back. I lost 47lbs in just a few months. My wife likes me better."
Michael Hudson
Public Speaker, Los Angeles
"You have unlocked the secret key of charisma - the energy needed to touch, move and inspire masses of people. It works wonders in public speaking."
David Morris
Yachtmaster, San Diego
"I have lost 10 lbs following the program, the mindset and lifestyle... It works. You become like a Gorilla. Big and Strong!  Guys, get this coaching!! Transform your body, your mind, your motivation and even your voice. And, guess what...? The ladies will notice all of this. Just saying....!!!!" 
Brian Broadway
Artist, San Diego
"Day 25 on the program. I need new clothes! From a 34 waist to 31"... Down to 181lbs... My confidence is through the roof!"
Nathan Brown
Trader, City of London
"There are a lot of gurus out there who are full of bs... This is real deal. This works. I never felt so confident. My libido is strong and I have tons of energy!"
For Couples Seeking Lasting Love & Passion In A Sacred Union
Karezza Community Shares Secrets of Sexual Energy & Infinite Love Making.
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What Couples Say About Karezza..
    Imagine love that doesn't end... 
    Imagine a romance that doesn't die...
    Imagine you never get enough of each other...
    Imagine a relationship that doesn't lead to drama...
    Imagine a mystical, psychic connection between you...
    Imagine a relationship where both of you are growing...
    Imagine love making that fosters healing and enlightenment...
    Imagine you wake up ecstatic, full of energy and on purpose...
    Imagine feeling safe, trusted and knowing you can totally trust...
    Imagine creating life in a spirit of abundance and everything possible...
Couples Speak About Karezza
David & Allison
San Diego, CA
"This is incredible... We would never think Orgasm-free sex would be fun. We make love for hours and hours; and we are so happy!! We're getting married, buying a house with acres for an organic garden and we just bought a boat!"
Jack & Ania
San Diego, CA
"Jack is a CEO of a company on WallStreet. He is always seeking peak brain performance. I had to learn how to make love with him in such a soft, gentle way that we both avoid Orgasm. Surprisingly, I find it incredibly pleasurable, and it keeps me emotionally balanced." 
Raj & Deepa
Phoenix, AZ
"We come from India, and in our culture it is very much encouraged to practice these teachings. It's been two years since we have applied it, and our intimacy has been growing, we love each other more and there are no fights."
Scott & Alice
San Diego
"We feel spiritual, sexually, emotionally connected, and on top of it, we are beating our athletic records. We love training together and growing together."
Jim & Pat
"These teachings are surely the best foundation of marriage and successful family life. We feel so blessed to have found them!!"
Rich & Barbara
"We just got married, and we are so grateful we can apply this sacred knowledge and continue to increase our commitment and love for each other, knowing our passion will never die."
Our Curriculum
Learn How You Are Wired
     Your confidence: Inspire your man to pursue you and devote his heart to you
     Your femininity: Show up present in your body, open-hearted and full of magnetic charge
     Your charm: Help him to channel his sexual energy so he achieves his greatness and lives to his fullest potential
     Your heart: Become vulnerable and allow your man to adore you, protect you and provide for you
     Your emotions: Learn how your sexual activity effects your desire, your mood and your hormonal balance
Learn How He Is Wired
     His desire: Help him to tame the dragon & make him hungry for you
     His body: Discover how your intimacy affects his testosterone and physical stamina
     His appeal: How to keep your attraction for each other alive and vibrant in the long run
     His emotions: How his sexual activity effects his energy level, his mood and his brain performance
     His integrity: Learn how to recognize a real man, keep him interested and how to support his personal growth
     His masculinity: Learn how to respect his needs, how to nurture his masculine energy and increase his impact in the world

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